‘Business of Freedom – an initiative for School of Indian Management’

Book compares 24 current Management Guru’s with 24 Freedom Fighters.

The book not only gives an opportunity to know one the freedom fighters but also gives a clear understanding of the political, socio-cultural, economical, scientific positioning of India during the freedom movement.
In the books preview Mr. Kewal Handa MD, Pfizer & President All Indian Management Association writes “Sandeep has very creatively juxtaposed thoughts of freedom fighters with the thoughts of management gurus. He makes a strong case for India to have its own management thought syllabus and not to blindly apply the conclusion from another society and tying to a situation”.

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"Indian Ocean Strategy – Indian School of Management in Practice”..

This book is a result of follow-up by readers of first book i.e. students, professors, corporate honchos and friends about a detailed book on Indian Way of Management.
In Bharat new books of accounts are worshipped and opened on Deepawali day. The books are marked with the signs of Swastik, Ganesha and Shubh Laabh meaning auspicious profit. It sets the approach for business activity i.e the profit has to come by fair means. No need to read books or attend conferences for business ethics (like rest of the world).

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Bharat Ka Samridhi Chakra

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Whatever is written on Indian management can only get validated in a holistic manner by those who practice it, hence: Simhavolokan.
Simhavolokan is a collection of thoughts, experience of Chairman’s on Indian Management and their comments on Indian Ocean Strategy - School of Indian Management in Practice. The 1st part of “Simhavolokan” is views of the Chairman and the 2nd part is my new learning’s in Indian Management.

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"Tiny Tall Tales”.

The proposal was to cover agencies that are big in their own right but not among the biggest. It meant selecting and visiting agencies that were not part of the “top 20” when ranked by billings.

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‘Third Curve’- Saga of Women and Child Development - Gujarat

This book is an attempt to take the readers through the process of Women and Child Development in Gujarat.

It is about programs and leadership in Women and Child Development in Gujarat. This is not a chronological account of campaigns and schemes, but yes, it is a statement of the ‘achievements’ of the programs; it is an attempt to sketch the evolution of the thought process and the transitions within it. Gujarat has followed a path breaking model of development. My idea is not to dole out statistics to substantiate it. Women and Child Development in Gujarat has gone way beyond statistics and become an established model that needs to be emulated without any doubt.

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