'Hosts Voice'

The Annual Lecture of Yuva Vikas Kendra delivered by you, held on 10th May, 2015 was a great success. The youth present and distinguished invitees have enjoyed your deliberations.
This was absolutely a new concept which people have appreciated very much."
Dipok Kumar Barthakur
Director, L B Group

Sandeep has come twice as speaker to our management institute. Both the time, through his lecture we have seen information turn into wisdom.
- Pankaj Agarwal
Gold Medallist, IIT-Kanpur
Chancellor - SRM University, Lucknow

We have been inviting Shri. Sandeep Singh to talk to IIT Mumbai students. He has been very impressive and passionate speaker.
- Prof. Varadraj Bapat (CA, PhD)
SJM School of Management,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Vivekananda Education Society celebrates late Shri Hanshu Advani’s birth anniversary every year with pomp and show. I got a chance to participate in such a gathering in 2008. During speeches a simple looking bearded man spoke and presented how product life cycle can be explained with freedom movement. The lecture was blend of Indian political system, history, economy, macro and micro management, marketing management, marketing strategies and above all portfolio management. Within half an hour this down to earth looking man hypnotised the audience with his simple words by explaining in such a way that even a layman could understand jargon of management world. I was introduced to this gentleman as Sandeep K Singh.
I was so impressed with writings of Mr Sandeep Singh that compelled me to request him to conduct a few sessions with my management students. He obliged me by conducting various workshops on Indian management system for Master of Management Studies (2 years Post Graduation degree course of University of Mumbai). Students were so impressed with his teachings that there were request from them time and again to conduct such workshops. After the workshops, students were able to write a note which was published in Free Press newspaper from Mumbai.

Last year during the conduct of such a program at Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management Ghatkoper, Mumbai, Mr Sandeep Singh presented his latest book ‘Indian Ocean Strategy’. It was a pleasant surprise because I had heard ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ wherein authors explain how to monopolise in monopolistic competition. Every sentence enlightened me with new knowledge. What we teach in our management classes as new theory has already been experimented 2500 years ago. ‘Bharteeya Economics is not only about technology, money or market but the human being at the centre, and the core of all these.’ Further it is not simple one line theory of any one system but holistic approach of multiple disciplines including politics, economics, astronomy, astrology, marketing, fiancé, operations, innovations, and globalisation. How multiple systems work at a team has been well explained by Mr Sandeep Singh in his book India Ocean Strategy.

He writes ‘Bharteeya Strategy carries associations of potentiality, growth and continuity while at its core it is universal. It has meaning across cultures and times and people could connect with it wherever they are. The uniqueness of Bharteeya Strategy is not profit but transformation. It is neither old nor new; it is eternal. It is the intermediary between man’s ordinary nature and higher potentialities i.e. Integral Humanism.’

When I presented my last research work in a conference at University of Vienna during April, 2013, about Indian economy, the same very spirit was in words when I said Indian economic growth rates has fallen in 2012 but it will not go in depression because of multiple strategic approach Indian people have. We not only depend on consumption but rely on Indian strategies blended with neo economic Keynesians.

I wish Mr Sandeep Singh a grand success in his mission and I will always stand by him in his academic activities.


It was August 24, 2013. In true sense, you came, you saw and you conquered.

1. Veni
Initially the audience, especially the students of Invertis University were, I guess, in the confusion state. You were saying something which they are not accustomed with. What they read, listen and watch are not something that you were talking about.

2. Vidi
But as soon as they realized that somebody is talking about something which has gone out of our mind, which was forced to take back seat by the invaders deliberately, the entire hall was silently taking oath to regain the wealth of our knowledge in science, technology, communication media, legal system and management in particular.

3. Vici
You have shown dreams to the young generation for getting our BHARAT back which has been changed to INDIA by the foreigners in a few hundred years. You were 'Swapno Ki Saudagar' to our students.

- Arpan K Khastagir
Director-Management of Invertis University, Bareilly
Alumnus of IIT-BHU and IIM Calcutta