All good things Must come to an End

(91st weekly column in the series "Narendra Modi & CXO Leadership")
Date: 27th Mar 2016

A journey, which started on 6th July 2014 comes to an end today with this 91st column. The idea behind the column was to unravel the leadership aspects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from the point of view of top management of corporate. The world has seen different dimensions of leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he is undoubtedly accepted as a global leader is equally respected by the world leaders both political and business. He has shown tremendous leadership quality at micro as well as macro level. He has been accepted as a leader by the youth as well as grownups, rich as well as poor, illiterate as well as literate. One just needs to go through the 90 columns to get the proof of the same. This is unquestionably acche din for India.

Whether the objective was achieved or not only the readers can judge, but it was huge learning and extremely satisfying for me personally.

There are many friends without whose support this journey wouldn't have been possible. To begin with Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan of JIVA, without whose support this journey wouldn't have started and then Shri Kamal Poddar of Choice International backed the column from 5 October 2015 till date.

One is blessed to have friends who extend unconditional support to literary pursuit in today's commercial world without any expectation. Without him these columns would not have seen the light of day.

I will also like to thank to
Author - Sudeep Nagarkar,
President, A C Nielsen - Piyush Mathur,
Lt Gen - Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd),
Social Activist - R N Joe D Cruz
Scholar - Cleo Paskal
for contributing articles which made the whole journey more enriching.

Sunil Mishra (Patheya Consultancy Services) deserves special thanks for not only timely upkeep of column but also pointing out mistakes.

Last but not the least, the readers especially who took time out to comment on the columns, I will remain obliged to them forever. As they say, all good things must come to an end but they also say, every end is a new beginning....

Look forward to your comments on this series of columns at

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