‘Third Curve’

- Saga of Women and Child Development - Gujarat.

This book is an attempt to take the readers through the process of Women and Child Development in Gujarat. It is about programs and leadership in Women and Child Development in Gujarat. This is not a chronological account of campaigns and schemes, but yes, it is a statement of the ‘achievements’ of the programs; it is an attempt to sketch the evolution of the thought process and the transitions within it. Gujarat has followed a path breaking model of development. My idea is not to dole out statistics to substantiate it. Women and Child Development in Gujarat has gone way beyond statistics and become an established model that needs to be emulated without any doubt.

Glimpse of ‘Third Curve’

State Government has implemented motivational awards for Anganwadi Workers, who can be easily called the backbone of Women and Child Development program. The award was named Mata Yashoda Award by the Chief Minister Narendra Modi himself. He says that its Mata Yashoda who groomed Lord Krishna when his parents were jailed by Kansa.

On the second day of the three-day long Praveshotsav in 2009, Narendra Modi, taught poet Botadkar’s poem “Janani ni jod sakhi nahi jade re lol” to students of the primary school in Jhamp village in Sanand taluka. He not only recited the poem but explained the essence of poem and of the word “Maa”.

The Economic Times on 22 March 2012 reported that “Narendra Modi's Gujarat has many celebrated firsts to its credit but what the public relations team might have missed out on is an experiment with technology that appears to be bearing fruit. With a few million mobile connections and a thousand-odd health workers, Gujarat sought to reduce avoidable child and maternity-linked deaths, and had some success in a short span of two years prompting the central government to adopt it across the country.”

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